Commit dbcc19cb authored by Reinhold Kainhofer's avatar Reinhold Kainhofer
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Remove debug code

parent 1215c921
......@@ -779,7 +779,6 @@ class plgVmShipmentRules_Shipping_Base extends vmPSPlugin {
// Calculate the prices from the individual products!
// Possible problems are discounts on the order total
foreach ($products as $product) {
JFactory::getApplication()->enqueueMessage("<pre>Product: ".print_r($product,1)."</pre>", 'error');
$data['amount'] += $product->allPrices[$product->selectedPrice]['salesPrice'];
$data['amountwithtax'] += $product->allPrices[$product->selectedPrice]['salesPrice'];
$data['amountwithouttax'] += $product->allPrices[$product->selectedPrice]['priceWithoutTax'];
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