Commit 65c6d89d authored by Reinhold Kainhofer's avatar Reinhold Kainhofer
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V5.3: Correctly store rule information into the database to show in the order page in the BE

parent 50a5faa8
......@@ -165,6 +165,9 @@ class plgVmShipmentRules_Shipping_Base extends vmPSPlugin {
if (!$this->selectedThisElement ($method->shipment_element)) {
return FALSE;
// We need to call getCosts, because in J3 $method->rule_name and $method->cost as set in getCosts is no longer preserved.
// Instead, we simply call getCosts again, which as a side-effect sets all those members of $method.
$costs = $this->getCosts($cart,$method,$cart->cartPrices);
$values['virtuemart_order_id'] = $order['details']['BT']->virtuemart_order_id;
$values['order_number'] = $order['details']['BT']->order_number;
$values['virtuemart_shipmentmethod_id'] = $order['details']['BT']->virtuemart_shipmentmethod_id;
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