Commit 1ec7d505 authored by Reinhold Kainhofer's avatar Reinhold Kainhofer
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Small bugfixes, almost trivial, but wrong nonetheless

parent bf8a6942
......@@ -681,7 +681,7 @@ class ShippingRule {
"evaluate_for_products" => 'skus',
"evaluate_for_skus" => 'skus',
"evaluate_for_vendors" => 'vendors',
"evaluate_for_manufacturers" => 'manufacturers'
"evaluate_for_manufacturers" => 'manufacturers',
$conditions = array();
......@@ -315,7 +315,7 @@ class RulesShippingFrameworkJoomla extends RulesShippingFramework {
protected function addPluginCartValues($cart, $products, $method, &$values) {
// Finally, call the triger of vmshipmentrules plugins to let them add/modify variables
JDispatcher::getInstance()->trigger('onVmShippingRulesGetCartValues',array(&$cartvals, $cart, $products, $method));
JDispatcher::getInstance()->trigger('onVmShippingRulesGetCartValues',array(&$values, $cart, $products, $method));
/** Filter the given array of products and return only those that belong to the categories, manufacturers,
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