Commit f1f87e8f authored by Reinhold Kainhofer's avatar Reinhold Kainhofer
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new oly template, files are generated in out/

parent c93d9657
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
\setCreatePDF ##t
\header {
scoretype = \ParticellScoreTitle
scorenumber = \markup{\scoreNumber \ParticellScoreNumber}
scoretype = \ParticellTitle
scorenumber = \markup{\scoreNumber \ParticellNumber}
\createScore #"SiConsistant" #'("Particell")
SRCS = Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Music_SiConsistant.ily Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Settings.ily
instruments = ObI ObII FagI FagII CorI CorII TbeI TbeII Tim VI VII Va S A T B Organ VcB
scores = Full Long Particell Choral Original
pdfs = $(instruments:%=Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Instrument_%.pdf) $(scores:%=Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Score_%.pdf)
pdfs = $(instruments:%=$(OUT)/Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Instrument_%.pdf) $(scores:%=$(OUT)/Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Score_%.pdf)
texs = $(scores:%=TeX_Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Score_%.tex)
texpdfs = $(scores:%=$(OUT)/TeX_Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Score_%.pdf)
.PHONY: all clean
all: $(instruments) $(scores)
full: $(ext)
all: $(OUT) $(instruments) $(scores) tex
instruments: $(instruments)
scores: $(scores)
for i in $(ext); do \
rm -f Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Score_$${i}.pdf Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Score_$${i}.ps; \
rm -f Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Instrument_$${i}.pdf Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Instrument_$${i}.ps; \
done; \
rm -rf $(OUT)
$(OUT) :
mkdir -p $(OUT)
$(instruments): % : $(OUT)/Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Instrument_%.pdf $(SRCS)
$(scores): % : $(OUT)/Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Score_%.pdf $(SRCS)
$(OUT)/%.pdf : $(SRCS)
lilypond -o $(basename $@) $<
$(instruments): % : Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Instrument_%.pdf $(SRCS)
$(scores): % : Eybler_SiConsistant_HV86_Score_%.pdf $(SRCS)
$(OUT)/%.mp3 : %.midi
timidity -c /etc/timidity/fluidr3_gm.cfg -OwM $< -o $@
%.pdf : $(SRCS)
lilypond $<
tex: latex
latex: $(texpdfs)
$(OUT)/TeX_%.pdf : TeX_%.tex
TEXINPUTS=$(OUT): latex --output-directory=$(OUT)/ $<
......@@ -7,4 +7,3 @@ TODO
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