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Add documentation for my OpenTools-specific WooCommerce container for Docker

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# ecommerce-woocommerce-data
Docker data container for woocommerce.
- Container uses supervisord to run WordPress and WooCommerce with apache and mysql. MySQL is optionally running in the same container and make sure both keep running
Contains wordpress + woocommerce installation script.
- Use the apache image and install wordpress manually
- Optionally connect to a mysql container or install mysql directly inside the WooCommerce container (default user/password: wordpress/wordpress)
- Add script to install WooCommerce, and also to setup an Apache virtual host (.test TLD), using sudo
## Requirements
You can optionally link to a mysql container, but this container also provides a running MySQL/MariaDB instance that will be used if no mysql container is linked. So there are NO external requirements, except maybe Apache set up for proxying requests.
## How to run an WooCommerce test container
./ CONTAINERNAME 8000 "OpenTools Ordernumber TEST"
This will run the install script to
* Start a instance of the docker-woocommerce image with name "wc-CONTAINERNAME" on port 8000 (configurable)
* The script currently links my development directories for various OpenTools plugins as volumes. If you don't want this, please remove the corresponding -v options in the script.
* The internal MariaDB database server will be used (default root user/pw: root/root) with database "wc_CONTAINERNAME" and wordpress database user/password: wordpress/wordpress
* An Apache vhost (domain wc-CONTAINERNAME.test, which is assumed to point to localhost, i.e. is added to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/development.conf. This vhost will simply reverse-proxy to$PORT/)
* WooCommerce is installed with URL http://wc-CONTAINERNAME.test and the given site name.
* Wordpress user/password is opentools/opentools
* Latest WooCommerce and debug-bar plugins are installed
* A tiny disable-curl plugin is provided and activated, because otherwise downloading plugins from the Web would fail... (curl does not seem to have updated some API...)
* When asked on the console, open the wc-setup page to create the WC pages and setup shipping, payment and localization options:
http://wc-CONTAINERNAME.test/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-setup or$PORT/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-setup
* Press Enter afterwards. This will create a simple main menu with the most important WC entries, set up the Shop as start page and insert a dummy product for testing purposes
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