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Handle i notation (whole measure repeated)

parent 84db28be
......@@ -168,6 +168,7 @@ sub parse_notes {
$notes =~ s/!([^!]*)!/$1$1/gs; # write out repetitions
$notes =~ s/\{([^\}]*)\}/$1/gs; # ignore beamings
while ( $notes =~ s/(:?\/+:?|^)([^\/:]*)(:?\/+:?)i(:?\/+:?)/$1$2$3$2$4/gs) {}; # replace whole-measure repeats (i notation)
$notes =~ s/(\d+)\(([^;]+\))/\($1$2/gs; # pull note lengths into fermatas or triplets
$notes =~ s/(xx|x|bb|b|n)\(/\($1/gs; # pull accidentals into tuplets or fermatas:
Test Composer
Test case for measure repeats
1.1.1: S One repeat
plain&easy: %C-1@c$bB '4A4.B8AGE/i/FD8.C'6B4xA/
1.1.2: S Double repeat
plain&easy: %C-1@c$bB '4A4.B8AGE/i/i/FD8.C'6B4xA/
1.1.3: S Barlines
plain&easy: %C-1@c$bB '4A4.B8AGE://:i/:i:/FD8.C'6B4xA/
Test Library
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