Commit c3d5ac53 authored by Reinhold Kainhofer's avatar Reinhold Kainhofer
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Also handle instrument names like 1a (and sort them correctly) in the webshop definition generation

parent a797323e
......@@ -553,9 +553,16 @@ def generate_webshop_files (settings, lily_files, tex_files):
if i in noscore_instruments:
score_info = score_types.get (i, {});
score_type = score_info.get ("Name", "");
score_type = score_info.get ("Name", i);
score_id = score_info.get ("Number", "XXX");
sid = int(score_id);
# Replace '1a' to 1.01 (i.e. appended letters will indicate decimals, so they are sorted after 1)
def chartoindex(matchobj):
return "%s.%02d" % (, ord(;
sid = re.sub(r'^([0-9]+)([a-zA-Z])$', chartoindex, score_id);
sid = float(sid);
except ValueError as e:
sid = score_id;
scores.append({"id": sid, "sku": score_settings.get ("scorenumber")+"-"+score_id, "type": score_type });
webshop_settings["webshop_editions"] = sorted (scores, key=lambda k: k.get("id", 0));
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