Commit 76764602 authored by Reinhold Kainhofer's avatar Reinhold Kainhofer

Definitions file for OrchestralLily

parent d9cab920
"output_dir": "0057 - Randhartinger - Ad te levavi",
"version": "2.13.29",
"template": "EK_Full",
"language": "deutsch",
"additionalscores": [],
"options": ["optimal-breaking"],
"defaults": {
"title": "Ad te levavi",
"subtitle": u"Offertorium",
"composer": "Benedict Randhartinger",
"composerdate": "1802--1893",
"arranger": u"Bearbeitung: Roman Zäch",
"year": "2010",
"publisher": "Edition Kainhofer, Vienna",
"publisherurl": "",
"editor": "Reinhold Kainhofer",
"editorurl": "",
"editormail": "",
"scorenumber": "EK-0057",
"scoreinfo": u"Bearbeitung für Alt und Viola mit Streicherbegleitung",
"basename": "Randhartinger_AdTeLevavi",
"instruments": [
"ASolo", "VaSolo",
"VI", "VII", "Va", "Vc", "Cb"],
"vocalvoices": ["ASolo"],
"scores": ["Long"],
"scores": ["AdTeLevavi"],
"latex": {},
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