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Release v1.5

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......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ void before() {
* Register below your sensors
* Register above your sensors
......@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ The following methods are available for all the sensors:
// manually turn the power off
void powerOff();
// get the latest value from the sensor
// get the latest recorded value from the sensor
int getValueInt();
float getValueFloat();
char* getValueString();
......@@ -1086,11 +1086,13 @@ v1.5:
* Added forecast output to all Bosch sensors
* Added I2C address auto-discovery for all Bosch sensors
* Added support for running as a gateway
* A heartbeat is sent when waking up from a wait cycle
* Allowed combining sensors waking up from an interrupt and sensors reporting periodically
* Added option to retrieve the latest value of a sensor from outside NodeManager
* Remote reboot now does not need a reboot pin configured
* A heartbeat is now sent also when waking up from a wait cycle
* When waking up for an interrupt, only the code of the sensor expecting that interrupt is executed
* Added capability to retrieve the time from the controller
* Optimized battery life for DS18B20 sensors
* SLEEP_MANAGER has been deprecated and setMode() replaces setSleepMode()
* SLEEP_MANAGER has been deprecated (now always enabled) and setMode() replaces setSleepMode()
* New mode ALWAYS_ON to let the node staying awake and executing each sensors' loop
* ESP8266WiFi.h has to be included in the main sketch if MY_GATEWAY_ESP8266 is defined
* Added receiveTime() wrapper in the main sketch
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