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Vgl. mit Autograph und HS1; KritBer fertig; Re-generated scores

parent 00816a65
......@@ -8,5 +8,5 @@
scorenumber = \markup{\scoreNumber \OriginalScoreNumber}
\createScore #"TuiSuntCoeli" #'("Tim" "TbeLong" "CorLong" "WdLong" "Str" "Ch" "Continuo")
\createNoCuesScore #"TuiSuntCoeli" #'("Tim" "TbeLong" "CorLong" "WdLong" "Str" "Ch" "Continuo")
......@@ -23,13 +23,13 @@ scorenumber="EK-1078"
ClInstrumentName = \markup\concat{"Clarinetti in B/B"\smaller\flat}
ClIInstrumentName = \markup\concat{"Clarinetto I in B/B"\smaller\flat}
ClIIInstrumentName = \markup\concat{"Clarinetto II in B/B"\smaller\flat}
ClInstrumentName = \markup\center-column{"Clarinetti" \concat{"in B/B"\smaller\flat}}
ClIInstrumentName = \markup\center-column{"Clarinetto I" \concat{"in B/B"\smaller\flat}}
ClIIInstrumentName = \markup\center-column{"Clarinetto II" \concat{"in B/B"\smaller\flat}}
TbeInstrumentName = \markup\concat{"Trombe in B/B"\smaller\flat}
TbeIInstrumentName = \markup\concat{"Tromba I in B/B"\smaller\flat}
TbeIIInstrumentName = \markup\concat{"Tromba II in B/B"\smaller\flat}
TbeInstrumentName = \markup\center-column{"Trombe" \concat{"in B/B"\smaller\flat}}
TbeIInstrumentName = \markup\center-column{"Tromba I" \concat{"in B/B"\smaller\flat}}
TbeIIInstrumentName = \markup\center-column{"Tromba II" \concat{"in B/B"\smaller\flat}}
ClKey = \key d \major
ClIKey = \ClKey
\subsection*{Text des \q{Tui sunt coeli} (Offertorium, HV 78): Psalm 88:12,15}
\subsection*{Text des \q{Tui sunt coeli} (Offertorium, HV 78): Psalm 88(89):12(11),15}
Tui sunt coeli et tua est terra: & TODO & TODO \\
Orbem terrarum, et plenitudinem ejus & TODO & TODO \\
tu fundasti, & TODO & TODO \\
tu fundasti. & TODO & TODO \\
justitia et judicium, praparatio sedis tuae & TODO & TODO \\
Psalm 89:11
Tui sunt caeli et tua est terra
orbem et plenitudinem eius
tu fundasti
Psalm 89:12
Himmel und Erde ist dein;
du hast gegründet den Erdboden,
und was drinnen ist.
(Luther 1545)
Psalm 89:11
The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine:
as for the world and the fulness thereof,
thou hast founded them.
(King James Version)
% \todos{
% \chapter*{Offene Fragen}
\chapter*{Offene Fragen}
% \section*{Literaturvergleich mit dem Autograph:}
% \begin{itemize}
% \item
% \end{itemize}
% }
\item quoting voice with grace notes
\item Staccato-Keile in Aut nachträglich?
\item 17ff und 70ff V1/V2: Keile konsistent?
\item 24 und 77 VcB/Org: Staccato-Keile???
\item 3 in HS1 bei Triolen in V1/V2/Va/tim?
\item 17, 19, 72 Continuo, 19 Cl1/Va: fz in HS1?
\item 34/36 FB
\item 40/41 Org: Fis wiederholt in HS1?
\item 44 Cor1: fz in HS1?
\item 50 FB: t.s. nachträglich?
\item 51 FB: T.S. in HS1?
\item 51/55 Org: t.s. and tutti in HS1?
\item 52 Va: Triller in HS1 vorhanden?
\item 54 Va: Tril in HS1?
\item 55 FB: Tutti ergänzen?
\item 57 S/A: Slur in HS1?
\item 56 VcB/Org: $\flat$ in HS1?
\item 62 T: Bg in HS1?
\item 60 B: Bogen, $\natural$ in HS1?
\item 103 Tim: f in HS1?
\item 104/108 Org: t.s. and Tutti in HS1?
\item 109 S: Bogen in HS1?
\item 109: Bg in HS1?
\item 111 V: in Aut unleserlich!
\item 112 V2: b und es oder h und e in HS1???
\item 114/115 FB: Extender in HS1?
\item 120 Tim: f in HS1?
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