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      Add functions for pension tables and other utility functions · 91ce73d2
      Reinhold Kainhofer authored
      - mortalityTable.zeroes: Generate a mortality table with all zero transition probabilities
      - mortalityTable.once: Generates a (deterministic) mortality table with one transition at a given age
      - pensionTables.list: Lists all pension tables (similar to mortalityTables.list)
      - pensionTables.load: Load a provided pension table (similar to mortalityTables.load)
      - transitionProbabilities: Obtain data.frame containing all transition probabilities for a pension table (given the YOB)
      - anwartschaften: First attempt to calculate all "Anwartschaften" for a given pensionTable - WORK IN PROGRESS, NOT FINISHED
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      Joint life tables (on first death) for now have a maximum age taken from the... · b42e10fe
      Reinhold Kainhofer authored
      Joint life tables (on first death) for now have a maximum age taken from the first insured person (i.e. the first table).
      The reason is a purely technical one: The ages of the insured are not part of the table, so the getOmega function does not know any ages. Only the deathProbabilities function gets the actual ages.
      This makes it impossible to create tables, where e.g. the last value is repeated as needed. Instead, we will always cut off the table at the maximum age of the table for the first insured person.
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